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Dragon Models and Miniatures


Dragon 1:35 Red Army Scouts & Snipers Figure Kit #6068

I have this set in a diorama right here if you would like to get a good look at it: For the Motherland, for Stalin!



Dragon Models Tiger I

  • This is a 1/35 scale unassembled model kit
  • Assembly and painting required
  • Paint & Glue required



Dragon Models 1/35 Flakpanzer I - Premium Edition

  • Newly tooled instrument panel with crisp detail
  • Newly tooled large storage box can be assemebled open or closed
  • New Flakpanzer I with trailer realistically presented
  • New frontal armor slide-molded parts with greater detail
  • Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail


Dragon Models M6 Heavy Tank Model Kit (1/35 Scale)

Dragon's Black Label series is proving popular tanks to its coverage of out-of-the-ordinary subjects that are normally not available as regular plastic kits. Black Label previously released a kit of a unique WWII design from the USA – an M6A1 Heavy Tank, a type that dated back to late 1940. Now that particular kit (Item No.6789) has been joined by a 1/35 scale kit of its close relative, the M6. The 57.4-tonne M6 was designed as a tank able to respond to Germany's all-dominating Panzers that had previously swept through Europe in the Blitzkrieg, and approval to produce four prototypes was given in February 1941.


Dragon Models British Heavy Tank Conqueror Model Kit (1/35 Scale)

Already the Black Label series has offered up a number of ‘modern' (i.e. post-WWII) subjects such as the MBT-70 from Germany and M6A1 from the USA. It is obviously time to have an equivalent British tank and that time has come. The new ‘kit on the block' is the FV214 Conqueror, a heavy tank design featuring a 120mm main gun. Developed specifically as a response to the Soviet IS-3 tank, it was envisaged as a partner for the British Army's mainstream and contemporary Centurion (armed with a smaller 20-pdr gun) tank so it could give a long-range anti-tank reach. A total of 20 Conqueror Mk.I and 165 Conqueror Mk.II tanks were produced from 1955-59, and they were allocated to tank regiments stationed in Germany.


Dragon Models MIM-104B Patriot Surface-To-Air Missile (SAM) System (PAC-1) with M983 HEMTT (1/35 Scale)


Dragon Models 1/6 "Hugo Hartwig" (Grenadier) - Normandy Tank Killer With Panzerschreck RPZB 54, 272.Infanterie-Division Caen July 1944