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Glen's Military Dioramas

Glen is a regular contributor to this website and he does a lot of great military diorama stuff ranging from desert scenes to city scenes and more.

My thanks go to him for all his great contributions and here is a list of his military diorama projects and tutorials.


The road to Berlin diorama

The Road To Berlin

Glen shows us how he builds a diorama like this and takes us through the steps including casting the plaster building in molds and adding the figures. It is a beautiful diorama if you want to make a military diorama this tutorial will show you how. The Road to Berlin


For the Motherland, for Stalin!

This is a simply designed and laid out diorama that has a great look. Four Russian army figures and part of a destroyed building. Check it out right here.


Amongst the Ruins in North Afrika

Amongst the Ruins in North Afrika

This is a simple vignette diorama depicting a German Afrika Corps communication soldier operating a radio. Of note in this diorama is how the use of color can give an excellent sense and feel for a place (Africa). Amongst the Ruins in North Afrika


NZ Army Diorama

Glen makes an amazing diorama with layers of terrain. He uses polystyrene and air dry clay to shape the terrain. And he shows us a neat technique for using a hair dryer and air dry clay to create the terrain shape. The NZ Army Diorama


Church Ruin

Glen walks us through the process of making a diorama like this. He shows us how to cast the walls in plaster using rubber molds. This is a nice scratch built work. Check it out here: The Church Ruin Diorama


A Horse Called Panzer

This is a terrific little diorama that is simple and very detailed. You can learn how to do something like this and see more pictures right here. Never made a military diorama but want to? You can start with something like this, one or two figures on a base. A Horse Called Panzer


Ardennes Frontline Breakthrough Diorama featuring a Graveyard

Glen takes us through the making of this diorama step by step with pictures.
Ardennes Frontline


Hell in the Hedgerow

Glen shows us some new techniques in the dioram including how the baes can nicely accentuate the terrain in the diorama and how you can make nice tank tracks in mud . Hell in the Hedgerow


The Winter Wall Diorama

Glen scratch built this diorama and then did an amazing job of turning it into a snowy scene. See pictures of this project and learn about adding snow effects. And learn how to scratch build a realistic looking wall The Winter Wall Diorama


The award winning diorama

One of Glen's dioramas won the silver award at a competion. See more about it here


The German U boat Diorama

Wonderful little single model diorama set it water. Glen shows us how he made this and how he made the water. The German U Boat Diorama


The Beginning & End Diorama

A diorama is a moment frozen in time. That is the definition. But, is it possible to make a diorama of something frozen in two different moments of time? It sure is! This is what Glen has done. Check it out here: The Beginning & End Diorama


Make a realistic looking fallen tree

He uses around the house materials to make a very real looking tree. He shows us how right here. Make a realistic looking fallen tree (and brush too)


Texturing a kit wall

There are some terrific kits out there for a lot of things like walls, stone walls, broken walls and more. Glen shows us an easy and terrific technique for making them look even more realistic. Texturing a kit wall


Captured by the Marquis (The Normandy Wall)

This is one of Glen's best dioramas. And it is a Silver award winner at a competition. It appears to be a simple scene, but the level of detail and composition of it is just amazing! . Check it out here.


The generals Diorama

The Generals

This is a wonderful little diorama that is actually mounted on a piece of the tree that Eisenhower planted at Musgrove Hospital in the UK. Check it out here.


The Battle of Ardennes

This is a fun little project made and modified from a kit. Glen did extra work on the doors, floor and internal walls of this scene. The Battle of Ardennes


The European Ruined Workshop Diorama

Airfix makes a terrific Ruined Building in 1/72 scale. Glen has turned it into a bustling little diorama complete with soldiers, vehicles and local people. The European Ruined Workshop Diorama

Using old wooden picture frame to make a wonderful diorama base

You can pick up some wonderful picture frames from the dollar store or used item store and turn them into some really elegant dioramas. Here glen shows us how to do it with a machine gun and mortar team. Picture frame diorama bases


How to Make Rubble in a diorama

Rubble is an important part of military diorama making. In this tutorial Glen shows us his tips and techniques for making it - from start to finish. How to make rubble in a military diorama


" Bird Dog "

Terrific little diorama with a Cessna Bird Dog just over thick foliage and bush. In this tutorial Glen shows us how to make the bush look real. The Bird Dog Diorama



" Hier Neu Formeren "

Here is another wonderful military diorama by Glen. It is a tribute to D Day, Normandy. This one has a lot of custom made details. Check out the Ruin Daylight Diorama here


James Bond and Odd Job Diorama

Fun little diorama with lights, revived from an old Airfix kit. The James Bond Diorama


WW II German Hanomag Diorama

Another great little scene of battle from Glen with a Hanomag vehicle. The Hanomag Diorama


German Mortar Team

This is a fun and interesting little diorama that fits on an A5 sheet of paper. The german mortar team diorama


How to make a bonfire

This is a really ingenious tutorial on how to make a realistic looking bonfire.


Germans at Rest Diorama

Here is a another diorama made by Glen. He captures a moment in time where: Germans are at Rest


The Red Ball Express Diorama

This is a clean and neat little diorama. And it also part of an ingenious little tutorial on how to make tarps. The Red Ball Express Diorama


Make a Tarp that goes over barrels and Crates

This is an ingenious little tutorial that shows how to make a realistic looking military style tarpaulin to cover all sorts of supplies. Make a miniature tarp for a military diorama


The Churchill and Cottage Ruin Diorama

Here is an excellent project with a spitfire. 1/72 scale and it shows you how much you can do with a few materials. Churchill and Cottage Ruins


The Crashed Spitfire Diorama

Here is an excellent project with a spitfire. 1/72 scale and it shows you how much you can do with a few materials. Learn more and see more pics here The Crashed Spitfire diorama


How to make barbed wire

Here is a nice little tutorial by Glen showing us how to make barbed wire for your military diorama. Lots of pics. How to make barbed wire


Panzer Tank on the Railway

This is a terrific diorama that shows a blown out railroad track and a panzer tank sitting right on the tracks. Panzer tank on the railway


Kubelwagen Diorama

A unique little diorama that can fit in the corner of a desk or table. The Kubelwagen Desert Diorama


Make a Military Desert Scene Diorama

Easy steps to making a basic Desert scene. Some basic materials and some miniatures and models of and you can get a nice scene. Including some tips. Desert Scene


European Cafe Diorama

The scene is somewhere in France during world war 2. There is a half destroyed cafe and a battle raging. This is the european cafe diorama


Modifying a ruined building kit

A web visitor took a standard plastic kit of a ruined building (A cafe) and make it much better by doing some easy custom work to it. Modifying a ruined building


Two WW2 dioramas with model vehicles

Two nice dioramas made by Glen. They use some great vehicles from the ww2 era. This is a nice way to make a militar diorama. You buy and build some plastic models then build a diorama around them. Two WW 2 Dioramas

Use Real Brick for rubble in your diorama

This is a great little tutorial that shows you how you can use real bricks to get a realistic rubble look in your diorama. Glen uses this to create a destroyed building. Use brick in your diorama

Dogfight Diorama . It is a Dogfight doubles by Airfix of a Messerschmitt Me262A and De HAvilland Mosquito FB.V1. Glen's Dogfight Diorama


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