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Make the German FlakPanzer

This is an overview tutorial. I will take you through the major and some of the more interesting steps of building this model.

I also have a youtube video on this project at the bottom of the page.

YoutubeWill has a youtube channel with over 800 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here

If you are interested in my military model build videos the playlist is right here.



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This is the exact model I bought on Amazon:

Tamiya flakpanzer model picture

Tamiya 1/48 German Flakpanzer IV - Wirbelwind

325441:48 Germany Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

One of the main attractions of Tamiya's 1:48 Military Minature Series is how easily the kits can be integrated into dioramas, especially ones that involve aircraft of the same scale. With the addition of the Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind, Tamiya gives modelers yet another interesting subject for such projects.

Armed with quadruple 20mm Flak 38 L/112.5 fast-firing cannons, it was able to make life difficult for low-flying Allied planes that got in its range as well as provide direct fire support for ground troops.

About the Model:

  • High quality 1/48 scale assembly model kit of the Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind.
  • Distinctively-shaped open turret accurately reproduced with interior details.
  • Quad 20mm guns with gun sight can be elevated to various angles, allowing for more diorama options.
  • Diecast chassis for added weight and realism.
  • Tank treads are assembly type, with the upper section featuring realistic sag effect.
  • 4 figures and two types of markings included.

Overview of the Build:

For the most part it is a standard plastic model build with a couple of unique differences. First off it has something called Zimmerit which is an anti magnetic mine coating that was applied to some German tanks. More about this in the tutorial. Secondly it has the old style tracks in terms of model builds. Rather than neoprene rubber tracks this build has plastic on the sprue tank tracks that have to be assembled in parts. This model also has a metal underchassis which gives it some weight and heft. And in order to attach parts to the metal we use superglue not plastic cement.

Zimmrit on the vehicle


Here are the various tools that I use for this project.

Tools used'


Plastic wood

In the picture there are a variety of handy tools. Of special note is the bag with the superglue in it. And in the container with the pink top is the plastic wood that I use for the zimmerit. It is available on Amazon here




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NextOk, enough of the introductory stuff! Let's build this model

Watch The Video Here:


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Tamiya cementTamiya Extra thin cement



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