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The Monogram Douglas TBD Devastator ( 1/48 scale)

Here is the tutorial about building this outstanding kit; Total completion time 12 hours.

Right out of the pages of history, this is a famous, yet forgotten early pre-World War Two aircraft that carried the United States into the war.

John has more dioramas and some great tutorials on my website. Check them out right here

He has a business called Hobbies in a Barn and you can check out the facebook page to see more pics and get more info: Hobbies in a Barn on Facebook


I started the model in a sequential manner to demonstrate the steps required to assemble, paint and detail the kit.  The photos show the steps in building
the kit from start to finish.
Materials and tool used:

  • Badger 200 airbrush with a constant flow medical compressor @ 20 psi.
  • Craft acrylic paints, "Anita", " Creamcoat" etc. 
  • Various X-Acto products
  • and "Superglue"


The Monogram Devastator


The Completed TBD Devastator Plane


Starting the Monogram 1/48th Devastator. Taking the shine off the plastic parts with a green scouring pad that roughs up the surface of parts so the paint stick s better. And the color of the interior will be according to the instructions Zinc Chromate which can be anything between yellow and green, I mixed my own with craft type acrylic paints and windshield wiper fluid for a smooth coating of paint as with all of my models.

the parts on the sprue


The second sprue


The third sprue


The clear parts sprue

The interior parts are painted with "Zinc Chromate" as in the actual aircraft. 

Zinc Chromate Testors EnamelZinc Chromate Testors Enamel Plastic Model Paint

Painting it

Additional steps in the Monogram Devastator. I airbrushed the entire model in a light grey that is also the color of the fuselage on my version. The remaining parts will be painted accordingly different colors.



More Painting


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Building and Detailing Model Aircraft (FineScale Modeler Books)

You will learn how to master construction and finishing of plastic model aircraft with basic skills such as assembling aligning, gluing, surface preparation, painting, and decaling. Then you will be able to add extra details and use more advanced techniques.



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