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Build a plastic model Helicopter (Huey) by Revell

This is a build of a Revell model Huey Hog Helicopter in 1:48 scale. Fun little build and it is the Marine version of helicopter. It also has some moving parts.

I have lots more plastic model builds right here including a battleship, jets, tanks and more : Military Plastic Models



Huey Model

This is the exact model kit that I bought on amazon for this tutorial.

Revell 1:48 Huey Hog Helicopter Plastic Model Kit

  • Includes a pilot, twin machine guns, and two rocket pods
  • Can be assembled with the doors open or closed
  • Contains a total of 77 highly detailed pieces
  • Waterslide decals of US Marine markings
  • Illustrated assembly instructions


The Video tutorial is here:

Here is the completed helicopter.

Huey helicopter model


Here is the box. It shows that it is a Revell model, 1:48 scale, a skill level 2 and for ages ten and up. The skill level two means it is not an absolute beginner model (skill level 1) but still a pretty easy build.


Here is what is inside the box. We have the instruction sheet and the decal sheet. The big bag contains the various parts for the helicopter. And the small bag contains the clear plastic parts which are the windows and windshield.

The decal sheet is a fun part of making a model. These aren't stickers. You don't peel and stick them. You soak them in water then apply them. I will show you how to do that.

Inspect everything

The first thing you should do when making a plastic model is look over and inspect everything. This means looking over the instructions and inspecting the plastic parts. This familiarity will give you some level of comfort and understanding when making the model. And inspecting the various plastic parts is important so you can see if any parts are missing.

Wash the plastic parts on the sprue

Start by washing the parts gently in soapy water. You see here in this picture I am washing a sprue of parts. "Sprue" is the name for that full segment of plastic parts.


Air dry the parts

Lay the wet sprues on paper towels to let them air dry. Don't try to dry them by hand. You can inadvertantly knock some of the smaller parts right off the sprues.


NExtOkay, the introductory stuff is complete, lets start by painting the parts (continue)


Testors Plastic Cement - Testers is made in America, quality since 1929 Testers plastic cement is used for DIY projects, model kit building and craft projects The value pack includes two tubes of cement with 4 precision glue tips.


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Essential Skills for Scale Modelers (FineScale Modeler Books)

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