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Plastic Military Model Manufacturers


The Big Companies

Airfix (UK) - (owned by Hornby Railways ) - I have a page with Airfix models here They also have a unique series of starter gift sets of some 1/72 airplanes and jets that come with paint and cement. They are an inexpensive way to start out with plastic model making and a skill level 1.

Dragon Models Limited - They have a very wide variety of military models and figures in a variety of scales. 1/35 tanks, 1/72 tanks and a large line of 1/6 scale military figures. I have a page with some here

Italeri - - This company has a large selection of military models of different types and in different scales. These include vehicles, buildings and figures in a wide variety of scales. Some of my favorites are their buildings and ruins. They also have a line of tools and brushes for modelers. - I have a selection of Italeri models here

Revell/Monogram - They make a wide variety of scale plastic model kits including lots of military models. Their line of kits include airplanes, artillery, tanks, ships, submarines and more. I have a page with a selection here They have both a US division and a German division.

Tamiya - This is a premiere company of plastic models. They have an enormous line of models of all kinds. Within the military genre they have a variety of scales including the jumbo 1/16 scale, 1/25 scale, 1/35 scale, 1/48 and more. And they cover a lot of vehicles from tanks, accessories, aircraft, and water ships. They also have a nice selection of display bases and display cases. I have a page with a selection of their models here

Trumpeter - They make armor, ships and aircraft models in a wide variety of scales. I have a page with a selection of Trumpeter models here.

Zvezda- A Russian manufacturer that has a wide variety of models (several hundred) in various scales including 1/35 and 1/72. They also have airplanes in 1/48 and 1/144. And of course if you are looking for soviet military models kits you should check zvezda first. I have a page with a selection of Zvezda models here (They also have a selection of Snap kits that do not require glue or cement).


Smaller or less well known Model Companies


Academy Plastic Model Co. (Korean) - Also known as Academy Hobby Model Kits They make 1/35 scale military miniatures model kits. I have a page with a selection of their most popular models here.

Academy Minicraft, amazon has quite a few, including a variety of 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft. Amazon has them here

Accurate Miniatures - Concord, North Carolina - primarily plastic model airplane kits from World War 2 predominantly in 1/48 scale.I have a page with some of their popular models here. And they are Available on amazon here

Amusing Hobby amazon has a few

ArmourFast -

Asuka model, amazon has a few




Heller - This is a French company that makes plastic models. Along with standard models they also have a nice line of kits that include a model, paints and cement. I have a selection of their models and kits here: Heller Plastic Models and Kits

Hasegawa - A Japanese company founded in 1941 and they started with wooden models as teaching tools. In the 60's they moved into plastic models. They make models in a variety of scales ranging from 1/200 to 1/8.

Hobby Boss, amazon has a dozen or more

Masterbox -

Meng amazon has a few

Merit International Amazon has a bunch of them

MiniArt -

Pegasus Hobbies - They make a wide variety of plastic models. Some of the best, and my favorites, are their gothic buildings.

RPM Models - Polish company that makes some unique WWI models, things like armored tanks and modified Model T Fords.

Takom amazon has a few


Verlinden - They make a variety of plastic models including figures, medieval buildings and military vehicles. Amazon has a wide variety of them here

Vulcan Scale Models




Pegasus Hobbies, Bricks, Walls, Buildings, Gothic Buildings,

Dont' forget about osprey publishing

Amazon has: Military Modelling Magazine

American Armoured Foundation: Tank Museum - Danville Virginia

Panzerwrecks, a series of books showing wrecked tanks and vehicles across Europe


models, buildings and ruins, figures