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The Amphibious Truck Model (Duck boat)

I was at a flea market when I spotted this great little model. The box was already opened but after a careful examination I could see that everything was there. Pretty good deal for fifteen dollars.

Although come to find out it is available on, probably ebay too :)




The Amphibious truck is a model made by the Italeri company and it is pretty nice model that goes together well. It is 1/35 scale and there are a little over 100 parts. If you want to paint it according to specifications it takes eight colors: Olive drab, Flat Black, Insignia White, Gun Metal, European Green, Silve, Red and Wood.

Here is the write up about the DUKW in the instructions:

This large triple shaft amphibian vehicle was developed during the second world war for the american armed forces. The aim was to buid a vehicle to supply ammunition, food and materials - stored in the holds of transport ships - to invading troops occupying beachheads on enemy soil immediately after landing. The DUKW offered good navigating abilities and could move well off road too, which, combined with its high load capacity, enabled it to perform its logistic role to the full. In the post war years, it was widely used by USA's allies all the way through to the 70's , including civil protection assignments.


Pretty standard model on injected molded in a military green color.

I painted most of the parts while they were still on the sprue.


It is a standard build with sub assemblies. Here is the drivers cockpit sub assembly glued into the boat.


There is a little bit of glass in the model. And it is easy to install.

And it has a pretty interesting undercarriage composed of six wheels and three drive shafts.


And it is an amphibious vehicle so of course there is a propellor. You don't see many of these on trucks.


All in all it is a fun model. Pretty standard stuff with around 120 parts and all the usual stuff with decals and various painting schemes. It is pretty easy to build and the most challenging part was the undercarriage stuff with the axles, drive shafts and wheels.



Italeri Models DUKW Amphibian Vehicle


Airfix A02316 1:76 Scale DUKW Military Vehicles Classic Kit Series 2


LCVP Landing Craft w/Pre-Painted Water Base, 15-Soldiers & 3-Crew (Snap Kit) 1-72 Pegasus


DUKW US Amphibious Cargo Truck 1/35 Italeri


The D-Day Diorama Want to see a diorama with a duck boat in it? It was a day like no other. A day that changed the war and the world. John has made a diorama about it. Check out the pictures and information here: John's D-day diorama




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