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Perfect Plastic Putty

Perfect Plastic Putty is a superfine filler for plastic models. It is used to fill cracks and seams. It works really well and is used by modelers to make their models look even better. In this tutorial I show you what it is and how to use it. I also have a video tutorial where I make the Flying Fortress model and I use Perfect Plastic Putty. You can watch the video to see it in action.


Perfect Plastic Putty

Perfect Plastic Putty - This is a one part putty that you apply, let dry, and sand for a smooth plastic surface. I is used by modelers to fill gaps, seams and holes in plastic models.





I am going to show you how the perfect plastic putty works by applying it to the Flying Fortress model that I built.


The Flying Fortress Plastic Model


When assembling the fuselage of the aircraft there is a seam along the top. This is a pretty common thing when it comes to assembling plastic models. It often happens when there is a lot of stuff inside the aircraft. This was a great opportunity to give the putty a try.


The fuselage seam


Here is a close up look at that seam.

Close up of the seam


It comes in a tube with an applicator tip. And it is a one part putty. There is no mixing at all for this product.

The putty


You simply apply the putty where you want to fill or patch. And put plenty of extra on it. Get it right into the crack or hole.

Apply the Putty


Then use a spatula or some kind of tool to smooth it out and get it to fill the crack.

Smooth with a spatula


Use a cloth or paper towel to gently wipe away any excess.

Wipe away excess


Allow it to fully dry then you can sand it with fine grit sandpaper, sanding sticks or an emory board.

Sand it once it has dried


And that's it! Let's take a look at it painted. The seam is gone.

Painted and done


Watch the Video Here:


The Flying Fortress is a big model (19" long) and a skill level 4. I like this model. It is a fun build with a lot of internal parts and a very detailed cockpit. In this tutorial, which includes a video I show you how it's built and I give you an extra bonus by showing you something called Perfect Plastic Putty which is used to fill and smooth seams and cracks in plastic models. Make the Flying Fortress Plastic Model.