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Make the Revell Flying Fortress Plastic Model

This is a big model aircraft. It measures a total of 19 inches (48cm) in length.

I thought for sure it would be an easy build because it is a big model. With bigger parts comes typically an easier build. But this is surprisingly a challenging build because it does have 148 parts (Skill Level 4). Lots of fun and it took me somewhere around 20 hours to complete it.

This tutorial also comes with a video you can watch at the bottom of the page.

The exact model that I bought on Amazon is right here:

Revell B17G Flying Fortress 1:48 Scale

-148 parts in silver, black and clear with raised panel lines
-Detailed gun turrets, landing gear and wheels, full interior framing
-Detailed engine fronts and cowlings; correct nose and chin turret, detailed cockpit with instrument panel, seats, and controls
-Detailed bomb bay with bomb racks, bombs and position able bomb doors
-Illustrated assembly instructions


In this tutorial I also take you a step further in making great looking plastic models. I use an inexpensive product called Perfect plastic putty to fill in the seams on the model.

Perfect Plastic Putty - This is a one part putty that you apply, let dry, and sand for a smooth plastic surface. I is used by modelers to fill gaps, seams and holes in plastic models.

Preparation and overview


The box

An overview of the kit

I ordered it on Amazon and was a bit surprised by how big the box and the model is. This is a big aircraft and at 1:48 scale it is a big model. It comes with all the usual stuff and we will take a look at it all. And it includes 148 parts and it categorized as a skill level 4. I thought that because it is so big it would be a very easy model to build. It was pretty easy but still took me over 20 hours and there is a lot of detail inside the aircraft.


The cockpit sub assembly

This picture shows the cockpit subassembly that goes inside the fuselage of the aircraft.


Inspect the sprues

The kit comes with five sprues. Three of them are gray plastic. One is black plastic and one sprue is clear plastic with all the windows and glass parts.

You should inspect everything looking for any problems, excess flashing, or missing parts.


Wash the sprues

And gently rinse the parts in warm soapy water. Then put them on paper towels to air dry. Don't try drying them by hand. It is very easy to knock small parts off the sprue if you try drying by hand.

The instructions for models always recommend washing in soapy water. it helps with painting, gluing and application of decals.


The process of the build is pretty standard like it is with most plastic models. We build several sub assemblies like the cockpit we previously saw. We then install these sub-assemblies into the fuselage of the plane...

Cement those two halves together....


Put together the other major sub-assemblies like the wings.


And finish the assembly part by adding all the external parts to the aircraft.


Applying a decal

And we finish it off by painting it and applying the decals.


Let's get started with the build - Continue



Watch the Video Here: