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Make a Scale Model Airplane - Part 2 (Gluing parts together)

In this part of the tutorial we begin making the Mustang.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



The parts

Ok, we open up the box and check out what is inside. The most important thing is the plastic parts. They are inside a sealed plastic bag. Also in the box is the assembly instructions, the decals and a small bag with the clear plastic cockpit glass.


The instruction manual

Here is the instruction booklet.


the decals

And here is the decal sheet.


Let's take a look at the parts. They come on a sprue which is the framework of plastic that holds them together. This is a function of how they are made in injection molding machines. The parts are connected to the sprue and each part is numbered or lettered.


Explanation of the parts on the sprue


A look at an instruction

Now you simply go through the step by step instructions. This picture shows the assembly of the pilots seat by gluing together parts 24 and 32.

See the letters in little boxes? D, F, C, H etc. Those denote what colors to paint the parts.


CUt a part from the sprue

You remove the parts from the sprue. Either by twisting or using a sharp knife. (Using a sharp knife is a better option because it is cleaner and less prone to damaging small parts).


A dab of glue

Before gluing the parts together I like to dispense out a dab of glue on my work surface.


Getting a little cement

Then I dab a toothpick in it and use that to apply glue to the parts. This gives a lot more control over the glue.

Testors does make a cement with a precise applicator tip. With that you don't need a toothpick.

NextOkay, let's continue and take a look at sub assemblies


Testors liquid cement

Testors 3507AT Liquid Cement for Plastic Models, 1-Ounce



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